Encompass Travels Website Review & Ratings + Encompass Travels Coupons
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Encompass Travels Website Review & Ratings + Encompass Travels Coupons

Encompass Travels: Products & Services

Encompass Travels is an impeccable vacation gateway. This is due to reasons that they are offering a wide selection of vacation rental properties to the entire USA. Through their services provided, they are able to help various travelers in planning their dream vacation.

The company does not only act as advertising site but rather they also offering property listings to those clients wanting to list their properties for rent on the website. Various assortments of vacation properties can be seen at their listing page, either spectacular mountain top retreat or big city lights. By searching the desired rental property, you can immediately make a reservation.  

Encompass Travels: Company Background

Searching for vacation rentals in the entire United States of America is not a hindrance anymore. Encompass Travels has recently created a service for those fond on traveling and who needs unwinding. By searching through their listed vacation rental properties, the traveler can start their journey.

Encompass Travels is a privately held company operating under leisure, travel and tourism. The company is headquartered at PO Box 702036, Wabasso, FL 32970 United States. Encompass Travels was founded in the year 2012 with specialties in holiday rentals, travel, vacation rentals, and cabin rentals.

Encompass Travels: Customer Feedback & Reviews

With regards to the customers needs, the Encompass Travel website features a user-friendly site that enables each user to navigate the entire system with ease. Apart from that, the site exudes simplicity and neatness on its website layout. On the main page, all the necessary information is posted there. A user can start his/her vacation by searching through the Encompass Travels vacation rentals, keying in the state or city and other desired information.

If a user doesn’t want to use the search features on the site, the featured listings is available underneath with price visibility. To know more of the Encompass Travels’s policies, guidelines or even terms and condition, it is all indicated at the site’s footer. However, by reading the entire pages, the necessary information can be easily understood. However, no editorial commentaries, customer feedbacks or forum activities could be found for this company.

Encompass Travels: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Encompass Travels is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau as the bureau’s database displays zero result when the company was keyed into their search page. With regards to the company’s major media coverage, their site leaves no foot prints about it. Furthermore, they don’t even have information about their achievements for the past years. For other credits such as accreditations, associations, certifications or awards, the company does not possess any such. Despite these facts, Encompass Travels has no negative feedbacks that could be found.

Encompass Travels: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There are no submitted reviews for EncompassTravels.com under Alexa, however its global rank is 1,381,886. The gained rank was based on the three-month traffic rankings. On average, the site’s visitors only view 6.1 unique pages on a daily basis. The site’s visitors only spend 54 seconds on every page and a total of 14 minutes on the site during each visit. 75% of the site’s visitors are coming from Romania in which EncompassTravels.com gained a traffic rank of 10,332. Another factor for the site’s popularity is the 64 other sites linking into it. The site has 100% search traffic with an average impact on search queries. The Google Page Rank value is 1 out of 10 with 19 backlinks and an excellent SEO score of 9%.

Encompass Travels: Social Media Presence

EncompassTravels.com does not maintain a blog for their customers. However, they have a wide presence on the leading social networking sites present. They have a fan page at Facebook where it currently gained enough likes to a count of 699 with 265 already talking about them. On their Twitter page, they already have 711 followers, 18 following with 991 tweets.  You can subscribe to their YouTube channel in which they currently have 158 views. You can aslo join their circle on their Google+ page and follow them on Pinterest with 199 followers and 45 following. The links to their social networking site is very noticeable at their site’s header situated at the right portion.

Encompass Travels: Website Security & Safety

Encompass Travels have a secure date server where all information such as name, email address, contact info and etc. they collected are stored. They are following security measures in order to protect unauthorized access. To further know about the EncompassTravels.com’s website security, a check was made to Google’s diagnostics page, and as a result the site was found to be not currently listed as suspicious. When Google visited, the two pages of EncompassTravels.com site there were no malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. Furthermore, for the past 90 days, the site did not become a midway for other site to get infected and the last time that Google visited EncompassTravels.com was on February 09, 2013. 

Encompass Travels: Pricing & Packages

Encompass Travels is helping various clients to get their wanted vacation plan by doing a reservation by way of EncompassTravels.com’s vacation rentals listings. They do have featured listings ranging from $115.00 up to $500.00 depending on the type of package.

However, Encompass Travels is not just accepting reservations for their listed vacation rentals. The company is also offering those who are interested to list their properties on their website to get it rented. In doing so, the client can receive a full year free advertising amounted to $99.00 which is valid for one property only. The breakdown of regular listing prices are indicated below:

1 to 5 Listings       = $99.00

6 to 10 Listings     = $89.00

11 to 19 Listings   = $79.00

Encompass Travels: Shipping Rates & Policies

This company does not provide shipping due to the type of operation it does. Shipping is not applicable as the company provides a service accessible through online mediums and no tangible items are being sold to customers. Shipping cost or fees are therefore exempted from all charges as Encompass Travels is the impeccable vacation gateway as they are offering a wide selection of vacation rental properties to the entire USA.

Encompass Travels: Payment Methods Accepted

For the listing subscription payment, Encompass Travels only accepts U.S. dollars and it must be paid using their PayPal account or paid either credit cards or debit card. For subscription that was paid via credit card, the automatic renewal is applied on or after the initial date of the original subscription.

If the client wants to diminish the billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to the credit card registered, there is a need to turn off the auto-renewal feature for the subscription before it renews. No other alternative payment methods were listed.

Encompass Travels: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

EncompassTravels.com is a website that was created to provide assistance to customers in purchasing vacation rental travel data. Therefore, Encompass Travels does not have a return or even a refund policy since they are just acting as a venue to allow homeowners and property managers who advertise their website. They are not involved in any transaction between travelers and members or owners.  All transactions made such as paying for vacation rental properties, are clearly stated in their terms and condition that it is the sole responsibility of each user.

With regards to listing subscriptions, a refund request is acceptable during the first 3 months following the purchase date only. Furthermore, if the client renews the subscription or it has been automatically renewed, the listings will remain online for the whole subscription period, without a refund being applied.    

Encompass Travels: Product images & screenshots
Encompass Travels Coupons
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